Lessons in Watercolor Technique

Not taking new students at this time. May schedule some watercolor workshops in the fall of 2017. Email me if interested. 

Home: 413-442-7718
Cell: 413-841-1659 

Cost:  $45 – 2 hour private lesson; most of my students take a lesson every other week.
$40/per person – 2.5 hour semi private lesson if 2-3 friends are taking it together

Gift certificates for lessons are available.

     For many years I have been asked about the techniques I use to produce my paintings, particularly my house portraits and the “local color” series. I’ll be honest, I have no secrets. I use methods I have found in books, classes, magazines, and from other artists. Maybe I do a little modifying and customizing to suit my own needs sometimes too. No magic, but lots of practice and a willingness to experiment.
     I am now offering sessions in watercolor technique….the way I have been painting for the past 15 years. Lessons take place in at my home studio, I have converted my basement space into art making space. 

A Different Kind of Lesson
     Recently there has been a popular “painting party” trend….drink and paint…probably a lot of fun. Please do not confuse the lessons I give with this type of event…I provide serious lessons for those who really want to learn how to paint and are willing to put in the effort. And while we always have fun, its not party time, it’s learning time.
    Also, there are plenty of other lessons available in this area where you can learn the watercolor basics from start to finish, where you may all focus on the same still life or landscape with each student painting the subject in their own way. Those are fine; in fact, I learned to paint in that type of setting as well. But that’s not what these sessions will be about.
I plan to work with you on the techniques YOU are interested in learning. You will learn and practice them, then apply these to your own painting…which will be a scene that you choose, not me.  I am happy to share everything I know about watercolor painting. But the best part is while you will be learning some new stuff; you will go home with a painting that is uniquely yours. 

What About Style?
     I have painted quite a bit over the past 20 years. For the first few I wondered how a painter develops his/her “style” and when would I develop my own. I eventually discovered that it doesn’t happen that way…..your style will find you! If you paint enough and have gained some expertise in the medium, you will eventually notice that it’s there. I want my paintings, good or bad, to have my own personal “brand” or style. And when I teach someone the things I have learned, I want them to be able to understand and apply the various techniques without loosing an iota of their own style. That’s important to me.

What Next?
     Contact me if you are interested and if I have some time slots available we will set up a good time to meet. You will not have to sign a contract or commit to a specific number of lessons…I only ask that if you must cancel that I am told 24 hrs ahead of time. I am very flexible.
     You will bring the materials you have and we will play with them. I will make sure you understand what your brushes can do and how to mix colors. If you have none we will talk about that…I always have suggestions as to supplies that would be most appropriate. Plus I always stress using high quality paper…it makes an incredible difference, even to brand new painters. I keep a supply of 300lb Arches sheets for my students to purchase.  Lighter weight paper is fine for testing and practice, so always bring that as well.

     I am totally comfortable around computers and use one everyday. Often instead of creating the time-honored painter’s thumbnails, I use a computer to speed up this process in order for me to get to the “low-tech” part more quickly. There are so many ways a computer can be useful in painting…however,  that being said, computers are not needed to learn to paint, so do not have a concern if you do not want to bother with them.

     Be in touch if you have other questions or would like to inquire about availability.