The Galleries

You will find a treasury of paintings in these galleries.  Click on an any image for an enlargement and details about that specific painting, such as:

     – description of the scene and maybe some other interesting information;
     – availability of original, size, price;
     – fine art reproduction availability and how to order.

If any of the information you are looking for is not provided, please contact the artist.


AUTOMOTIVE SERIES – during 2010 I was in a group exhibit (with 2 other artists) entitled “The Wheels of Time” – the paintings here were my contribution. Many of the originals are still available.

THE BERKSHIRES –  this is my continuously expanding “Local Color” series of Berkshires scenes. The GALLERY VIEW displays thumbprints of the images in chronological order – hover over the image for the title and ID number.  If you are looking for scenes of a specific town,  click on TOWN LISTING; there is also LISTING BY NUMBER….the low numbers are the oldest paintings, higher numbers are those most recently completed.  If you don’t a special scene you are looking for, please send me an email, I’m always looking for new ideas!

HANCOCK SHAKER VILLAGE – since I have painted so many scenes from the village, I felt they deserved their own gallery.

HOUSE PORTRAIT SLIDE SHOW– here are many of the private homes I have painted over the years. When commissioning your own painting, it is interesting to view other paintings for things like season, time of day, what to include, what trees to move, etc. You may notice quite a few winter scenes….winter hourse portraits are often used as holiday cards!

IRELAND – paintings inspired by three trips to the Emerald Isle, and details about an Irish-inspired group show, Travels with Missie – the Artists’ View

ITALY – on a weeklong trip to Tuscany in 2002, I came away with inspiration (and paints purchesed in Siena) to last 10 years. In spring of 2012 I returned to Italy for more inspiration. The Italian gallery will be growing soon. The plan is currently to have a solo exhibit of new paintings inspired by the 2012 trip in August 2013 at Gallery 25.

LIGHTHOUSES – while I have always been fascinated with lighthouses, their structure, history…only recently I decided to create a series. My first lighthouse show took place in Pittsfield in April, 2012. Click on each painting to see an enlargement and also a link to its history.

LANDSCAPES – while many of these paintings are also in different galleries, many people are looking for just landscapes, so I put them  here as well.

MARKET and STREET SCENES – colorful bountiful bustling market scenes….to me a treat to eat and paint. Much of my inspiration came directly from our own market Guidos, right here in the Berkshires, some from “fresh air stands” in many other places….a scene I’m always looking for.  All fun and delicious.

MOONSCAPES – love painting night scenes, especially when the full moon is out.

NEW ENGLAND and NEW YORK – I was born and raised in New England, and still find it stunningly beautiful and diversified … to live in and to paint.

MISCELLANEOUS SUBJECTS – I’ve done a few paintings from other areas and they fall into this gallery… some from California, Ireland, Mexico, Montreal and more. Plus a few from a small music series and some others that seem to just defy being catagorized.

SEASCAPES – this includes ocean, rivers, lakes and anything to do with water.

STILL LIFES – not the usual bowl of fruit or vase of flowers.

WINTER SCENES – there are plenty here…I LOVE painting snowy scenes.