Bohemian Caverns

J-Bohemiam Cavern
 Opened in 1926, the Bohemian Caverns (or Cavern, as the building sign erroneously says) was a mainstay of the jazz scene in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C. The rather unobtrusive building is adorned by a conspicuous keyboard, a lasting symbol of a historic recording at the venue. In 1965, Ramsey Lewis’s “The In Crowd” put this venue, and the budding jazz master himself, on the map, and while Ramsey Lewis is still thriving, the Bohemian Caverns closed in early 2016.

Inspiration: I have never visited this venue, however while I was painting for this exhibit, I heard that it was closing and wanted to pay homage with a painting. The reference photo came from the closing notice on the web.

Medium: Watercolor on Stretched Canvas
Size: 18” x 22”
Framed Price: $1150