Local Color – Berkshires Town Listing

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B121 – Mt. Greylock Tower
B140 – Adams Town Hall
B141 – Park Street
B159 – Flag Day

B080 – County Road
B116 – Becket Arts Center
B118 – Becket General Store

B084 – North County Farmstead

B086 – William Cullen Bryant Homestead

B120 -Burgners Market

Great Barrington
B016 – Old Mahaiwe Marque (Castle Street)
B035 – Jazz, No Cover (Castle Street Café)
B036 – Blue Moon Blues (Helsinki Café)
B044 – Mahaiwe Marque I
B051 – Helsinki by Starlight
B069 – Tune Street (Corner of Railroad and Main Street)
B067 – Flurry at Windy Hill (Tree nursery on Rt. 7)
B078 – Martin’s
B101 – Coming Soon to the Mahaiwe
B138 – A Wonderful Life

Hancock Shaker Village
B005 – Evening at the Village (Hancock Shaker Village)
B006 – Moonlight Dance (Hancock Shaker Village)
B009 – Barn Light (Hancock Shaker Village)
B033 – Old Barn, HSV
B034 – Shaker Tree (Hancock Shaker Village)
B050 – Afternoon Shadows at Hancock
B087 – Winter Dusk (Hancock Shaker Village)
B095 – Hancock Shaker Village in Autumn
B111 – Hancock Farmer in Spring
B110 – Hancock Barn
B143 – Room With a View
B144 – Shaker Crocks
B145 – Jimsom Weed
B146 – Garden Tools
B149 – Shaker Harvest
B150 – Plowshares
B151 – Girls of Winter
B152 – Round Barn 2102
B153 – Shaker Jugs
B154 – Basement Storage
B155 – Hey Ewe
B156 – New Enland Farm in Winter
Coop and Round Barn

B089 – Ashmere Lake in Autumn

B058 – Watertower

B012 – Maggie’s Farm (inspired by old truck at Whitney’s Farm)
B081 – Greylock Road Farm
B098 – Cheshire Reservoir

B007 – Mill on the River, Winter (Rt. 102)
B018 – Mill on the River, Summer
B023 – Crossing Main
B026 – Along the Housatonic (off Rt. 102)
B028 – Winter in Lee (Main Street, near fire station)
B029 – View from Mountain Top (Lee, near Becket line)
B031 – Lee Farm  I (Jersey Cow Farm)
B042 – Straw Hat (Main Street)
B065 – Lee Farm II
B117 – Greylock Bank Building
B161 – Eagle Mill
B162 – Lee Common in Winter
B163 – Lee Library

B014 – Keep Out (New Lenox Road, now gone)
B015 – View from Tanglewood
B020 – Lenox Flats (New Lenox Road)
B024 – Living on the River (New Lenox Road)
B027 – Reflections on the Housatonic (New Lenox Road)
B037 – Jeb Stuart House – East Street, Eastover Resort
B053 – Lenox, Main Street in Summer
B055 – Winter at Summer Hill, East Street, near Pittsfield town line
B057 – No Trespassing (New Lenox Road)
B068 – Reflections of a Farm House (New Lenox Road)
B096 – Church on the Hill Chapel
B100 – Wheatleigh in Winter
B125 – Winter in Lenox
165 – Lenox Library

B123 – Monterey General Store

North Adams
B142 – Winterfest
B160 – Porches

B008 – Snowing in Otis (McManus General Store)
B040 – Farm Pond

B022 – Berkshire Farm in Winter (East New Lenox Road at the Lenox/Pittsfield town line)
B003 – Barn Birds
B032 – Banners at City Hall
B043 – Spaghetti Squash, Guidos
B046 – Watermelons For Sale, Guidos
B047 – Brix Wine Bar
B048 – Beans and Squash, Guidos
B056 – Herman Melville’s Back Yard (Arrowhead on Holmes Road)
B063 – Guido’s Cheese
B072 – Colonial Theatre (South Street, Pittsfield)
B073 – St. Joe’s on North Street
B075 – The Common, Pittsfield
B077 – Just Off the Rotary
B079 – The Hair Studio
B082 – Paris or Pittsfield?
B088 – Taconic High School
B090 – View from Park Square
B091 – Canoe Meadows in Autumn
B092 – Pontoosuc Lake
B094 – A Banner Day
B099 – Looking South on North
B103 – Courthouse and old Athenaeum
B104 – Park Square
B105 – St. Stephens Church
B107 – The Crowne’s Jewels
B108 – Sacred Heart Church
B112 – Christmas on Park Square 1912
B115 – North Street at Christmas
B122 – Snow Shoeing in Canoe Meadows
B124 – Berkshire Gardens
B139 – Clock Tower in Winter
B157 – The Old Athenaeum

B061 – Berkshire Afternoon in Winter

Shelburne Falls
B064 – Sherburne Bridge, Shelburne Falls
B071 – Taking a Break (side street off Main, near glass blower)
B093 – Bridge at Shelburne Falls in Autumn

B004 – Mission House (Main Street)
B015 – View from Tanglewood
B038 – Red Barn
B049 – Elm Street
B059 – Spooky Night at Chesterwood
B066 – Studio at Chesterwood
B070 – Red Barn II
B083 – Stockbridge Woods
B097 – Congregational Church, Stockbridge
B106 – St. Joseph’s Church
B109 – Nathaniel Hawthorne House
B114 – Christmas at the Red Lion Inn
B128 – Summer at the Red Lion Inn
B158 – Sleigh Rally
166 – Nathaniel Hawthorne Cottage II

B001 – Winter’s End (near the Cobble)
B002 – Just Over the Hill
B011 – Tyringham Wheel

B025 – Greylock Orchard View (Rt 7)
B030 – Williamstown Valley Farm (Rt 7)
B074 – Chapin Hall, Williams College
B076 –  Main Street, Williamstown

B102 – Bucksteep Manor – Winter
B119 – Bucksteep Manor – Summer

West Stockbridge
B052 – Rear Views

Hudson, NY
B010 – Hudson Train Station
B021 – Watnot Shop
B054 – Take a Seat

Nearby the Berkshires
B013 –  Diagonals
B017 – Country Farm I
B019 – Country Farm II
B039 – Harvest Moon
B045 – West Cornwall Station
B041 – Summer Barns
B060 – Backroads, Vermont
B062 – Collins Diner, North Canaan, CT.
B085 – Oliver Filley House, Bloomington CT.