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Commissioning a Painting

A commissioned painting is always personal and brings back treasured memories. If there are specific scenes or locations you would like captured in a watercolor, all you need are photographs to begin the process.

Have you ever considered a painting of your childhood home? A favorite vacation spot? A honeymoon castle in Italy? The summer on Cape Cod? Paintings make memories of special places even more precious.

Have you ever wondered just what to get for a special person on a very special occasion? Art makes a wonderful wedding, anniversary or new home gift.  In fact it is a great gift for any occasion.

Can’t decide? Want the recipient to be involved in the process?  Custom made gift certificates are appropriate for any occasion.

Visit the following pages for more information and be in touch with me when you are ready to begin this very enjoyable journey.

Commissioning a House Portrait
Slide show of house portraits I have done
Commissioning a painting of a vacation scene