Missing New Orleans

J-Missing New Orleans
     A perennial favorite, an ode to New Orleans, is chronicled in this cel from the 1946 movie “New Orleans”. Billie Holiday joins Louis Armstrong’s band for the debut of “Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?” The band included legends of jazz such as Kid Ory, Barney Bigard, Zutty Singleton, and Red Callendar. Although this was a movie scene, the body language says a lot about mutual respect and admiration.

Inspiration: The inspiration for this painting came from a movie….I wanted to paint an older scene in a smokey jazz club with all the musicians performing…it is supposed to resemble Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday. I first captured many screen shots, then did a detailed drawing before attempting a painting. Complicated but fun.

Medium: Watercolor on Stretched Canvas
Size: 26” x 38”
Framed Price: $2000  (available)

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