Home Bass

J-Home Bass
     If it’s Monday and you’re on North Street in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, you’re not far from a regular diet of great jazz. If you’re at Mission Bar and Tapas, you’ve arrived.
     The jazz scene is alive and hopping every Monday evening at Mission, in the heart of the city’s Upstreet Cultural District. Bassist Andy Wrba recruits the best talent from a bevy of friends for some heavy swinging, in an organized jam that could easily be mistaken for New York’s subterranean scene.
You never quite know who will be performing, but the circle is getting larger and larger, encompassing traveling musicians as well as locals. Here, Andy is with Berkshire stalwarts Kris Allen (sax), Jason Ennis (guitar) and Conor Meehan (drums). Andy’s presence on bass is about the only predictable aspect of the scene.

Inspiration: Many visits to Mission Bar and Tapas for Monday night jazz, one particularly wonderful jazz night and my own reference photos.

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Title: Home Bass
Medium: Watercolor on Stretched Canvas
Size: 18” x 14”
Framed Price: $750 (available)

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